Don’t worry, they only take a minute.

1. Make Your Address Catchy.

Your URL will be a focal point of all your marketing materials, so it needs to be memorable! If you decide not to purchase a custom domain, make sure you take advantage of the free short code customization option, so your patrons can easily get to your site without having to type in a long string of characters.

2. Add teasers to your About section.

Build energy by inviting your audience into the world of the show before the curtain goes up. Add images and video to your About page to share rehearsal photos or other behind-the-scenes sneak peeks, cast interviews, messages from the Director, production number teasers, and more!

3. Spotlight your Cast and Crew.

Patrons only need to visit a ticketing website once…but build a fully-functional online program and they’ll return again and again. Just upload Cast and Crew headshots and bios and, suddenly, you have a site for audience engagement!

4. Set up your Merch Shop.

It’s a simple truth that audiences love swag, but what a hassle, right? Nope. Just set up your automatic Merch Store in minutes and we’ll handle the rest. No storage, no shipping, no inventory management. Better yet, it costs you nothing. In fact, adjust the pricing and you can even make extra money.

5. Link your social accounts.

For a streamlined audience experience, your website should be the foundation for all your marketing efforts. Link your organization’s social accounts and you make it easy for patrons to become engaged followers who can share your promotions and help grow your audience even more. bios and, suddenly, you have a site for audience engagement!