I’m trying to buy tickets to an event. Where do I go?

Click here to search for the venue or production for which you’d like to purchase tickets.

I accidentally deleted my confirmation email. Can you re-send it?

We’d be happy to! Email [email protected] and someone from our customer service team will get that right out to you.

How much does it cost to use ON THE STAGE?

With ON THE STAGE there are no startup costs or hidden fees. Our platform is always free to use for your organization. The only things you’ll ever pay for are optional add-on services or promotional packages, or if you choose to absorb the standard ticketing fees instead of passing them along to your patrons.

What are your ticketing fees and how do they work?

At the time of purchase, all orders processed through ON THE STAGE incur a nominal charge of $.75 per ticket, plus fees assessed by the credit card company at the rate of 4% of the total purchase plus $.30 per order.

Are there any fees associated with merchandise sales or donations?

The standard credit card processing fees will be applied to your patrons’ purchases at the time of processing; however, neither your organization nor your patrons will pay a fee to ON THE STAGE for merchandise or donation transactions. All the profit is yours!

How do I track my financial information?

Your complete financial reports can be easily accessed through the backend of the ON THE STAGE website at any time. For example, the Production Sales Report displays all information for patrons who have purchased tickets to date. The Event Sales Report displays all information for sales of a singular event. The Merchandise Report and Donation Reports can be customized to show a specific window of time.

When will my organization receive our funds?

Checks for Ticket Sales, accrued Donations, and Merchandise profits will be mailed two weeks after your production closes. Ongoing Donations and Merchandise profits from transactions that occur after your production dates will be mailed on a monthly basis.

To whom will our funds be distributed?

Checks will be made out to the organization listed on your completed W-9 Form, unless you specify otherwise.

What happens if I have to cancel an event or change the date/time?

We will be happy to send one mass email to notify patrons of a cancellation or change in date/time free of charge.

ON THE STAGE is available to handle exchanges and refunds directly with patrons on your behalf for an added fee, which is based on the number of tickets purchased for the event in question*.

The baseline fee for this service is $100 per 100 tickets sold. For example, if an event has sold 100 tickets or fewer, the fee for ON THE STAGE to process your exchanges or refunds would be $100; for 101-200 tickets sold, the fee would be $200, and so on.

*Note that this pricing scale is based on the number of tickets sold at the time of cancellation, not the capacity of the venue.

What information do I need to provide in order to publish my production website and start selling tickets?

That’s easy! All you need is:

  • Production/Event Name
  • Venue Name
  • Venue Address
  • Event Dates/Times
  • Ticket Types/Prices
  • Seating Style (General or Reserved)
  • Seating Capacity or Seating Chart

Can I make changes to my website after it has been published?

Yes. Almost everything on your website can be edited, updated, or otherwise changed after publication. The only exception to this is your seating chart, which cannot be changed.

Is there anything that cannot be changed once my website has been published?

The only component of your website that cannot be edited after publication is your seating chart, which includes both the layout of your venue and the designation of any location-based ticket types.

Can we use our own artwork with ON THE STAGE?

Absolutely! Just upload your files using the specs we provide. And if you need help resizing your art, our graphic designer can do that for you.

Our show isn’t in your current catalog. What can we do?

ON THE STAGE can be used for any show or event you’re producing. Want to repurpose one of our existing pieces of art? No problem! Prefer to use your own? Easy. Want something original but don’t have a graphic designer on staff? We do! We even have customizable options available for non-theatrical event types, including music and dance performances, award shows, and more.

Are there fees associated with donations?

There are no ON THE STAGE fees for donations, which means that the full donation amount goes to your organization. However, the regular credit card fees of 4% + $.30 per order are added to the patron’s total at the time the order is placed.

Can I offer comp tickets through ON THE STAGE?

Comps can be easily processed through the Walk Up Console. Please note, however, that all comps have a $0.25/ticket fee for the convenience of holding the seat and for reporting purposes.

What if my internet freezes while we’re selling tickets through the Walk Up Console?

We hate when this happens…but we’ve got you covered! Just process cash sales manually and record the order information (patron name, number of tickets, total price) on paper, then enter it into the system after you reconnect.

What if my internet stops working while I’m checking in patrons with my Live Check In List?

Don’t panic! You can keep checking in patrons using the list (no need to refresh the page). Once you reconnect to the internet, those you’ve checked in will automatically update in the system.

What if I have a question while prepping for my event?

No problem! Should any issues or questions arise, an ON THE STAGE technician is always available to help. Either click the icon in the lower right corner of the ON THE STAGE site, or send an email to [email protected] and someone will be touch soon.